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To make the most of your CSR initiative, you need to utilise video production. A CSR video allows socially responsible companies in Ireland to showcase their achievements in the best possible light, and reach the right audiences.

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CSR Videos for Irish Businesses

You may be planning or have just carried out an ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility project. Going great lengths to establish and execute a sustainability programme, you might now be unsure as to the next step. How can you best communicate the goals, vision and results of the initiative? The answer is simple - a CSR video.

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What is a CSR video?

Any video can be highly flexible and customisable to achieve the aim of the project. The best videos reflect the ethos and brand of the company. Here at Desmond Bros, we pride ourselves on our cinematic storytelling. For a CSR video, this would typically mean focusing on the human stories of the corporate social responsibility project. The communities who benefited, the team members who carried it out, the environmental impact. The best length would be 1 - 3 minutes.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Videos Ireland Cork

CSR Videos FAQs

Why does video work so well for CSR?

An important element of a CSR project is its communication and positioning. If the initiative did well, people should know about it. A cinematic CSR video or film can present the project in a highly visual, extremely compelling way. It can be shown to stakeholders, the board of management, company employees, as well as the world at large, whether here in Ireland or internationally. It is well suited to both internal and external communication.

How much does a CSR video cost in Ireland?

Corporate social responsibility activity means companies and organisations investing in the environment, in the community, and in society. It can involve a sizeable investment, either in time cost or money costs. To maximise the return on this investment, consideration should be given to the marketing and communication of the project. Video production can be very affordable, and can be a reasonable investment to reach the project’s true potential. We are always happy to discuss a project.

How can an Irish CSR manager prepare for a video?

The first and best step in effective video production for CSR projects is to start the communication early. Reach out to potential video production companies (we’re a Cork creative video company who’d love to hear from you!) as soon as you think video might help your project. You can chat through the benefits and requirements. If you’re involved in the management of corporate responsibility, here are some things to think about yourself: what is the vision of the project in one sentence. What is the key take-away you want your audience to have?

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Benefits of CSR Videos

Speed of Production

Maximise Investment

Make the most of your sustainability investment by recording and showcasing it in a high quality professional video.


Clear Communication

Achieve clarity in positioning and communications by telling the story of your CSR initiative in a compelling and digestible way.

Social Media

Extended Reach

A video allows your CSR project to be shared far and wide, impacting current and future employees, stakeholders and customers.

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