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How Video Production Content Can Help Your Company

07 May 2020

Marketing | Estimated read time: 6 - 8 mins.

Professional video production can help any company. Here's how.

Marketing is very simple in essence. It means putting an idea (your company or product) in front of an audience (your customers). These days, however, it can seem like reaching your customers is an endless confusing maze, and it can be easy to get lost along the way.

No matter the latest trend or hot new social media platform, one feature remains constant - video production is always a key component of your marketing. Video production is the easy way to make your content strategy a success. This article gives a general overview and background to video production. Check back with our blog for new, in-depth articles about specific topics.

What is Video Production?

Video production is the creation of video content. For a company, it means working with a video production firm (in our case, a creative video agency), who will create videos for your product, brand, event or literally any purpose you need it for.

There are two basic categories of video content that need video production: external and internal.

External video production is anything that the outside world will see. This includes what probably came to mind first when you think about “video production” - commercials and advertisements, like the kind you see on TV.

But there are also other types of video which are equally important - video content for your company website, social media content for your social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and video content for your customer-facing channels, like in-store displays and apps.

You can also have internal video production. This includes HR & employee branding (such as a video about your company to attract new applicants for open job positions, or a video for your employees explaining internal practices or how-to videos). It also includes videos like slideshows, presentations for board meetings etc. Internal video content is anything that people within your own company will see.

Why Is Video Production So Important?

There are a few key reasons why video production is so important. Firstly, every single time that someone sees one of your company’s videos, they are interacting directly with your company. They are getting an impression of what your company stands for, how it makes them feel, and helps them to decide whether they can trust your company or not. This can be the difference between successfully attaining a new customer, or losing out on potential business. Internal videos can help influence how new and existing employees feel about the company - it can get them energised and motivated about their work.

Videos are dynamic. Good video content is vibrant and keeps the viewer engaged. They can quickly tell a story and convey more information than pages of boring text. With a potential client, every second that you have their attention is another second closer to making a new sale or forging a new client relationship.

On social media, video content is even more important. In fact, video production for social media is vital. Without video content, your social media channels will be as dead as a doornail. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of your potential clients clicking “unfollow” on your LinkedIn and Instagram profiles. Not good.

Video content on social media serves two purposes - to entertain and to inform. The first is often more important than the second. Entertain your viewers first, and they will stay to be informed - informed about your company and your product.

Why Can't I Do My Own Video Production?

Everyone has a phone, and every phone has a camera. Why can’t you simply do your own video production yourself? The simple answer is - doing your own video production for your company is a big no-no.

To record a birthday party, your phone’s camera is perfectly fine. But when it comes to your company, your audience is a bit bigger than just your Uncle Jimmy on WhatsApp - you’re showing your video to thousands of strangers. This is their first impression of you as a company, and one hint of amateur hour will be an instant turn-off. They will click away from your unprofessional video, and they will never come back.

Make It Real By Investing In Video Production

Invest in video production as much as you would invest in any other aspect of your company’s image. Thirty years ago, a business premises with a store-front made your company real. Now, in a digital world, good professional video content makes it real.

To get started with your video production today, get in touch with us at Desmond Bros Creative Video Agency for a conversation about how we can best serve your company’s needs. We’re an Irish video agency with the experience and the passion to bring your story to life.

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